My name is Leon and I have had an interest in Art from a very young age. I was first influenced by my father who would paint landscapes in oil paint. I studied life drawing at school which really helped me to develop my drawing skills and received a Sixth form Bursary from The Slade School of Art for promising work. I decided to study Art after my A-Levels at College and then University where I gained my degree at the London Guildhall University. I was honoured to receive the 2nd Prize Sir John Cass Award for my final year work. I was also asked to sell one of my winning pieces at an auction fundraiser at the FSA building, Canary Wharf run by Christies Auctioneer Nick Finch.

My work usually portrays the realism of day to day life and is also influenced by my interests, the people around me, photography and popular culture. I like to create striking visual images using drawing, silkscreen printing, etching or painting mediums to express my ideas.

I am inspired by many of the artists from the past. These include artists such as Piero Della Francesca and his beautiful use of colour to Caravaggio and Rembrandt’s skill and their amazing use of chiaroscuro. Edward Hopper’s also had a profound influence on my work.

Leon Mitchison